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country that may be on the verge of you becoming the saudi arabia of south america thanks to lithium. >>> and in italy. the government wants to know why that country's food staple costs so much. could someone be fixing the price of pasta? tonight we noodle it over. >>> from the different perspectives of reporters and analysts from around the globe, this is "worldfocus." major support has been provided by rosalind p. walter and the peter g. peterson foundation, dedicated to promoting fiscal responsibility and addressing key economic challenges facing america's future. and additional funding is provided by the following supporters -- >>> good evening. i'm martin savidge. thank you for joining us. it was just what haiti not the need. one of the most powerful aftershocks since the devastating earthquake that hit that country eight days ago. today's aftershock had a magnitude of 5.9. it rumbled through the ruined capital port-au-prince for 15 or 20 uneasy seconds. stephan bachenheimer of our german partner describes what it felt like. >> well, i woke up this morning just a minute or two a
>>> on "america this morning," breaking news. >>> firefight in kabul, deadly violence involving the taliban and afghan troops. >>> drama in haiti. more survivors pulled from the earthquake debris. who rescued them. >>> and the dollars to earthquake reliever. >> it's monday, january 18th, 2010. >>> good morning, thanks for being with us. i'm vinita nair. >> and i'm eric horng. jeremy hubbard is on assignment. we begin with breaking news in afghanistan where the taliban has launched a major attack in the heart of kabul. >> gun battles erupt between security forces this morning. lama hasan has this report from kabul. >> reporter: good morning, eric and vinita. it was a well-coordinated and brazen attack in kabul. the taliban has sent some 20 fighters to target the ministry of finance and justice as well as the serena hotel. the serena hotel is popular among foreigners, some of the visiting politicians also tend to stay there. now, small gunfire erupted and at least four explosions. in fact, you can see over my shoulder a pume of smoke. now, this comes at a critical point. u.s. spec
to be a minority in america. >> that was a real ignorant comment for him to make, and now he is apologizing to not only obama but to the whole black community. ex-president has accepted the apology over what reid has called a poor choice of words -- the president has accepted the apology. >> there is a real double standard here. whendemocrats et caught saying racist things, an apology is enough. >> he was not saying that i would not support barack obama if he was dark skin. he was saying america would not support barack obama if he were dark skins. >> we have a black president, and that is something we all have to deal with. >> he has also apologized to african-american and civil rights groups. he faces a very tough reelection battle against at least two opponents. he has said he does not intend to resign. >> the republican party's national chairman says he has had no thought of resigning, despite criticism of his performance. he has faced controversy about his reason remarks. he accuses of republican leaders of abandoning conservative principles. he says the party leaders are unhappy with
that america's families have been dealing with for decades. the burden of working longer and harder for less and being able to save for retirement and help kids with college. so, i know the anxieties out there right now. they are not new. these struggles are the reason i ran for president. these struggles are what i have witnessed for years in places like elkhart, indiana, and other places, and i read about them in letters written each day. the toughest are from children who ask why they have to move from their home, asking when their mom or dad will be able to go back to work. >> president obama highlighting the hardship in small town america in the state of the union address. but what impact has the massive stimulus package had on the economy? kate bolduan is tracking how billions of stimulus dollars are being spent. what did you find out? >> well, interesting, because billions of dollars. wolf, the white house said you, me, and over and over again, that you can track the stimulus all of the way to your hometown, to your zip code, so we did just that. >> reporter: hello. >> how goes it? >>
america - in cities and small towns - to markets around the world. we know that investment in broadband high speed internet can create hundreds of thousands of new american jobs. small businesses are being formed - dreams are being launched - and real jobs are being created. at at&t, we're investing billions to upgrade and build out our wired and wireless networks. now is not the time to stall momentum or to stifle innovation or investment. dreams, and jobs, and the future are at stake. at at&t, the future, are at stake. at at&t, the future, has always been our business. at&t... your world... delivered. >>> colder air moves in tonight, and then snow on the day on saturday. light snow, but heavier just a short distance south. i will have more tonight on abc 7 news at 11:00. >>> abc world news
engines of job creation here in america are america's businesses. >> reporter: a day after reconnecting with americans in florida, he'll tour a small business in baltimore and offer more details about the proposal. it's estimated that $33 billion program would help 1 million businesses. it would include a $5,000 tax credit for every new employee hired this year. the amount will be capped at $500,000 per firm to make sure small companies get the benefits. businesses that increase wages or hours for their existing employees would be reimbursed for the have a social security payroll taxes they would pay. the president wants to pay for the plan with the savings from the $700 billion wall street bailout, but that will be up to congress. the president will have a chance to sell his proposal to the gop later today. >> i want the republicans off the sidelines. i want them working with us to solve problems. >> reporter: he'll address house republicans during their retreat in baltimore, but it may be a tough crowd. >> we're going to look for common ground, but we're not going to roll over on our
> making >>> making news in america this morning. >>> toyota's troubles reach a global scale, now new pressure on the automaker to fix problems and address frustrated customers. >>> and tough questions about the iraq war aimed at britain's former prime minister, today's testimony and potential impact on the u.s. >>> and storm warnings posted in 17 states as agony turns into snowstorms. >> it's friday, january 29th, 2010. >>> good morning. happy friday to you. toyota's historic recall is now a global problem. the automaker is losing millions of dollars and market share and it's longtime reputation for quality. >> now japanese leaders are demanding action. viviana hurtado joins us from washington. >>> the japanese trade minister called the scale of the recall huge and it's expected to grow. as it grows, japan called on the world's largest auto make tore regain the confidence. amid reports that toyota had received complaints of runaway cars for years. the indiana pedal supplier said toyota told it this part was not responsible for any of the serious accidents or deaths linked to runa
>>> making news in america this rning -- president obama comes out swinging after a tough first year in office. will his first state of the union begin to get things back on track? and what did the supreme court justice mouth to the president? >>> an amazing rescue in haiti. pulled alive from the rubble, over two weeks after the quake. >>> and the i-pad, unveiled. is the invention steve jobs calls his greatest yet, worth the hype? it's thursday, january 28th, 2010. >>> foom. thanks for joining us on this thursday. acknowledging a challenging first year, a resolute president obama is insisting his basic agenda of change is sound. health care, anti-terror, education and the economy are still on the front burner. but creating jobs is now the primary focus. >> this morning, republicans are asking, is the president simply trying to do too much? viviana hurtado joins us now from washington with all the details. good morning, viviana. >> reporte good morning, vinita, jeremy. the president has seen skepticism with his plans soar. so, he went back to a familiar theme, change and hope. >>
: turning now to the economy, america's top banker is staying on the job. the senate today confirmed ben bernanke to serve a second term as chairman of the federal reserve. the vote was 70-30, the closest ever for a fed chairman. meanwhile, the line for unemployment benefits is growing. the government said today another 470,000 americans put in their first claims last week. unemployment was, of course, the main focus of the state of the union address, and today, chip reid tells us the president took his plan for dealing with it on the road. >> reporter: the president joined vice president biden in florida to announce the administration's biggest stimulus project of all. >> right here in tampa, we are gonna start building a new high-speed rail line. >> reporter: $8 billion to begin a european-style, clean-energy, high-speed rail system. planners hope it will eventually connect cities across the country, the largest infrastructure project since the interstate highway system. the white house claims it will create tens of thousands of jobs. the announcement is one of many planned in coming m
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celebrities are rallying to keep them running free. ♪ wild, wild horses >>> good morning, america. >> good morning. it is saturday, january 30th. nice to be waking up for once with some good economic news this morning. finally. the economy growing at its fastest rate in six years. the numbers paint a really bright picture. but -- there's always the but. things might not be as rosy as that. we'll break it down. >>> also this morning, the children left behind in haiti. we've heard so many heartwarming stories of orphans able to get out of that quake-ravaged country. but more waiting, thousands more, waiting to get out. what's the holdup? we'll look at the red tape. >>> also we're off to the national zoo this morning. big farewell party planned for its star attraction. i think he's crouching. >> not the most flattering picture. >> the panda, was born in 2005. he's been delighting visitors for years. and people who watch him on his panda-cam. he's being sent to china for a breeding program. >> they grow up. and then, they leave to meet girls. >>> but we begin with the unusual winter storm slam
out to vegas to compete in the miss america pageant. why is it relevant in 2010? it's very civic and uplifting. stay tuned, you'll be shocked. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, , >>> this is wjz and, baltimore. >> good morning, maryland, now don scott, marty bass, breaking news with wjz news team, your first warning weather and traffic control with sharon gibala. it's wjz, maryland's news station. >> hello again, it's a cold day's start but that cold. sharon gibala in traffic control. marty is over at first warning weather. >> looking at some beautiful statistics. going to 50 degrees at lunch. which is nine degrees above normal on the way to 51, 52 degrees. we're at about 31 right now. at about 45-49 during the dinner hour. it's going to be a super tuesday in january. don. >>> thank you. there's always trouble somewhere and sharon has it in traffic control. >> reporter: there's more trouble on the roads now than ten minutes ago. a bunch of accidentses including the one on the west side of the beltway on the outer loop at baltimore national pike blocking the lane with a
"where america stands." and lights, camera, "avatar." does this new way of making movies mean a sequel is simply a click away? captioning sponsored by cbs from cbs news world headquarters in new york, this is the "cbs evening news" with katie couric. >> couric: good evening, everyone. we're beginning with breaking news. toyota has just done something no car maker in this country has ever done before: it has just told its dealers to stop selling eight of its models, at least temporarily. the same models it recalled last week to fix a potentially dangerous defect. their gas pedals could get stuck. nancy cordes is in washington tonight. nancy, toyota is also stopping production of these vehicles next week. this is really unprecedented. >> reporter: it is completely unprecedented, katie, and one industry analyst described it to us tonight like the recall of tylenol by johnson & johnson back in 1982. it's affecting four major production plants, as you mentioned, and 2.3 million vehicles at a time when the industry can scarcely afford it. the suspension of sales includes some of toyota's mos
," has died. and where america stands in the battle against cancer. >> they tell you you have six months and what are you going to do in six months? >> couric: finding hope and cracking the genetic code. captioning sponsored by cbs from cbs news world headquarters in new york, this is the "cbs evening news" with katie couric. >> couric: good evening, everyone. millions of vehicles recalled, sales suspended, production stopped, and just when you thought it couldn't get any worse for toyota, it has. the recall for defective gas pedals has spread to china and europe, and in this country, jeff glor tells us, another million-plus toyota cares and s.u.v.s were added to the recall list. >> reporter: for the world's biggest automaker, the problem seems to get bigger every day. as millions of toyota owners wonder if the vehicles they're driving are safe. >> i would really hate to be on the highway and then just be anything at a top-rate speed and not be able to control the vehicle. >> reporter: the latest recall involves five models. toyota said today they're closing in on solutions to a gas pe
>>> good morning, america. i'm george stephanopoulos and it is friday, january 29th. >> happy friday, everyone. i'm robin roberts. this morning, a nation on ice. 17 states under a winter storm watch or warning as a coating of ice shuts down airports, makes a slippery mess over a 2,000-mile. >>> and the white house blinks, starting to think outside of the 911 mastermind. >>> the cover-up, john edwards' voice mail and how he planned to hide his mistress' pregnancy from his wife. >> so if i'm calling saying what happened, how did this lap, what's going on? >>> brand-new details from bob woodru woodruff's exclusive report. >>> and trash talk. challenging the president to a little two on two. scott brown's hoop dreams. >> really? really? >> all right. you heard it. >>> downtown scotty brown. >> he's not stopping it stopping the health care plan. >> no. that was his nickname in college. his daughter plays college ball at bc. we'll see. a lot of news to get to folks, including the big test for president obama's renewed call for bipartisanship. he's meeting with house republicans so w
along on patrol for a firsthand look. >> reporter: like the rest of america, they'd rather be wahing football. but on this night, the men of 212 charlie company leave their mess hall big screen and suit up for a moonlight mission. they'll chopper into the hills above their outpost and hike down at dawn, hunting hidden weapons and enemy fighters. >> oh, yeah. [ bleep ]. >> reporter: waiting for their bird, the landing zone budges with humor -- >> we'll push down to the spur. >> reporter: last-minute instruction -- >> take the south side. >> reporter: and kevin, the post mascot. >> he should be ab to see you. >> reporter: the short flight drops in behind a hostile village where the company creeps into position. and then hunkers down to wait, ignoring a sky brimming with stars to study the shadows. dawn, and then a sweat breaks, as they drop into the jaw. working across boulders the size of houses, bushes bristling with thorns, just enough running water to make every step interesting. they begin searching the countless hiding spots up here. so this is it under here? >> yeah, right there
of heated debate but the fast track to health care reform in america has been a major road block. that's our starting point, good morning, on a friday, i'm hill -- bill hemmer, welcome to "america's newsroom". martha: i'm martha maccallum. call it the brown effect, with 41 votes thanks to scott brown from massachusetts, democratic leaders have now conceded, they stay you know what, we do not have the votes to push through health care bills on the table. some democrats say the house should just pass the senate version and send that to the president to sign. here's a speaker of the house with a very different tune, nancy pelosi yesterday. >> we are meeting with our members on every -- in the caucus and different groups of the caucus. we hear how they perceive the best way to go forward, how they prefer to go forward and we will go forward. in its present form without any change, i don't think it's possible to pass the senate bill in the house. i don't see the votes for it at this time. bill: is it dead? bill salmon, fox news, vice president of news and washington morninging editor, good mornin
this on my facebook page, just search chuck roberts hln to bring it up. julie says, absolutely, america is the land of opportunity. that's why everyone wants to move here. if they have applied for legal status and meet all the requirements, why not? jeff said they should be able to enroll. once in class ins can find them, arrest them and deport them. deport them. we have patrick on a plane on the tarmac in jacksonville. is that right? patrick, can you hear me? all right. he's gone. i'm sorry. you have to shut that phone down when they tell you to. i understand. linda's on the line in maine. where are you on this, linda? what do you think? >> caller: it comes to the blien bottom line. they are breaking laws and getting benefits for it. i don't understand it. our kids don't get a lot of benefits they should. why should people be given special rights because they are here illegally? they are breaking the law. >> well, they are applying for status, paying the bills, paying their taxes, trying to be civically responsible. once they are citizen ises it's okay? >> if they became citizens i can
. and that was very simple -- to restore the middle-class in america. look, because of the president's bold leadership, we weathered the most ferocious economic storm this nation has seen since the great depression, keeping us from sliding into a depression, as some leading economists suggested. the president, from the outset, has understood that it's all about jobs. but there's a lot of business to attend to, just to keep us from sliding off the edge. well, ladies and gentlemen, the president knows one other thing -- it's more than about jobs. a job is more than a paycheck. it's about dignity, and it's about respect, and too many people have lost it! ladies and gentlemen, president obama understands that the longest walk a mother or father can make is the trip up a short flight of stairs to their child's bedroom to say, "honey, i'm sorry, you're not going to be able to stay at stewart middle school next year," or "you can't play on west tampa's little league next year, honey. we're going to have to move," because mommy or daddy lost their job or because the bank said we can't keep our house. my dad m
>>> making news in america this morning -- >> stop selling toyotas. the defect was so serious, the world's number one automaker takes drastic action. >>> and moving ahead. the president's goal for tonight's state of the union address, after a rocky first year in office. >>> and our investigation into dairies could change the way you think about your next glass of milk. >> it's january, 27th, 2010. >>> good morning. thanks for joining us on this wednesday. the world's top automaker is taking drastic action this morning, due to a major safety problem. >> toyota is going to temporarily stop selling and making eight models of cars and trucks recalled last week. the cars, built in north america, could suddenly accelerate and cause accidents. here's brad wheelis. >> reporter: toyota ordered its dealers to stop selling eight of its most popular models. toyota is also haumting the assembly lines that make the vehicles in indiana, kentucky, texas, canada, starting feuary 1st. >> cheshould have done this weeks ago. >> reporter: all of this because of problems with the gas pedal. drivers
. [ male announcer ] we're america's largest financial planning company. meet us today at >>> i think your father was a great man. is a great man. just so i wouldn't be so intimidated by how pretty you are, i've been thinking about your father the whole time. >> that will do it. >> "the wall street journal," ohm bahia to tout job push. americans want eyes on the economy. >>> "washington post," toyota screeches to a halt on eight models in an effort to fix the sticking gas pedal problem. >>> "the indianapolis star," that will affect two assembly plants. >>> and tim tebow's spot on the super bowl causes a stir. more ahead in sports. >>> and "dallas morning news," home prices increase after more than two years of decline. home prices have turned positive for dallas. william, let us open up. >> what's inside? >> let's go down to d.c. and talk to the editor in chief of politico, mr. john harris, with a look at the playbook. >> good morning, willie. >> good to see you this morning. >> happy state of the union day. only 14 hours away. we have the countdown clock we are going
on america and believes the worst of the storm has passed. oftentimes the markets are the first predictor of what's to come for the economy. we checked in for traders on the market's view on the state of the union. january is turning into a chilling month for the market. the dow and s&p 500 seem to be falling faster than a mid winter snow with the dow dropping more than 500 points since january 19. some believes so goes january, so goes the rest of the year, which might not bowed well for the economy. >> a lot of times what you do is reduce risk when the market is low. we've seen the hotter money come out of the market. >> charlie neddos is closely watching the rises and falls in the crude oil market. oil tends to go up in anticipation of a growing economy and drop when tough times might go ahead. within the past three months, oil shot up, but since has drifted down. neddos is watching footloose for the economy by way of the job market. >> i'm looking at average hourly work week in terms of looking for some up particular. generally what you see before an employer takes on a new hire, they
a new york trial. >>> and now here's a look at some other stories making news early today in america. >>> in florida, it was no ordinary day at the beach. hundreds of sharks converged on the shallow waters by singer island, closing the beach for swimming. swarms of sharks cruised in three to four feet of water, very close to the shore. >>> a massive inferno tore through an abandoned hospital building in oregon. the former mental health facility was fully ablaze when firefighters arrived. over a dozen fire trucks responded. officials are investigating the cause. >>> a texas woman is facing felony charges after leading police on a high-speed chase with five children in the back seat. police say the suspect blew through stop signs and jumped curbs, all while five children in the vehicle. there's no word on why the mother took off. . >>> a california man who saved a red-tailed hawk never stopped supporting it. he rushed the bird to an animal hospital after his car collided with it. when the bird recovered, the hospital offered him the honor of releasing it. he was very happy to see the h
that's going to destroy america." >> reporter: but an old friend noted that when they both served in the illinois legislature, obama was known for reaching across the aisle. >> over the past year in my view, that attribute hasn't been in full bloom. >> reporter: the president then conceded both sides are at fault. >> just a tone of civility instead of slash-and-burn would be helpful. >> reporter: throughout what was essentially a policy debate, the president demonstrated intimate knowledge of the issues. >> we'd refund part of your payroll tax for every dollar you increase those wages faster than inflation. it's a simple concept. >> reporter: and deep familiarity with republican positions. >> i understand that. i've read your bills. you know, i've read your legislation. >> reporter: when the scheduled 45 minutes was up, the president said "let's keep going." >> you know, i'm having fun. >> reporter: republicans were on their best behavior. there were no "you lie" moments. but when the president thought the last question was unfair, he let them know it. >> will that new budget, lik
and latin america, which include countries like india. even china was not a member of the united nations. so we must be very clear which world we live in. it will only be correct to impair the aberrations of the past. alan friedman lets talk about the relations with the obama administration. there is a rumour that a new usindia trade and investment agreement is near: is that true? >>sharma: that is true. we had a meeting of the usindia trade policy forum, i have been to washington, ron kirk has been here twice: he came for the wto ministerial, he also came for the trade forum. the focal groups have met, we are going to sign a framework of cooperation on trade and investment, hopefully during the forthcoming visit of the prime minister and later on we will have the treaty of the tradeand investment agreement. and there are other developments on the way, we are talking about them. >>friedman: what about progress with the european union? where does india stand? >>sharma: we have had many rounds of discussions on trade and investment agreement. this is after the helsinkisummit indiaeu in 2006 ac
that he came clean. >> now here's an early look at other stories making news early today in america. >>> two new york city police officers have been suspended without pay after beating a handcuffed suspect. it happened during an undercover drug operation. the officers can be seen punching the man who was laying face down. two sashths are under investigation for not intervening. >>> a suspect wanted for murder is in custody after a chase in tennessee. the pursuit ended after police boxed in the homicide suspect. one officer with an attack dog tried kicking in the window to get the men out. eventually the swarming police drug him from the cab and arrested him. >>> lick roads and heavy snow called a multivehicle pileup in california. three tractor trailers were part of an 11-vehicle accident that shut down interstate for hours. an suv with a mother and two young kids ended up wedged under that big rig, but fortunately everyone survived. >>> and a virginia doctor has quite a story to tell that is out of this world. while it worked in his private practice, he heard an explosion and saw a
responsibility and addressing key economic challenges facing america's future. and additional funding is provided by the following supporters -- >>> good evening, welcome to "worldfocus." i'm daljit dhaliwal in new york. we start off tonight with the war in afghanistan, and a conference in london that brought together high level officials, including foreign ministers from dozens of countries, to discuss afghanistan's future. the aim is to turn over security duties to afghan forces and turn at least some of the taliban from enemies to potential allies. in their final communication, the leaders agreed to start transferring security responsibiliti forces late this year, or early next year. president hamid karzai said that training the afghans could take five to ten years. and that foreign troops might be needed for 15 years. in tonight's lead focus, we're going to hr about another key component of the emerging afghanistan strategy. from london, chris ship of itn tells us about the newly devised plan to win over the taliban by buying their support. >> reporter: it is easy to be cynical about the conf
>>> good morning, america. i'm george stephanopoulos. >> i'm robin roberts. this morning, mudslide warnings. 15 inches of rain so far bring california to the edge. will these cliffs hold? sam is live in the thick of all that mud. >>> the war on wall street. president obama ready for a fight with the big banks, as he calls for limits on their size and risky bets. >>> john edwards shows up in haiti, after admitting he fathered a love child. we get new details from the man he allegedly tried to pay to cover it all up. an abc news exclusive. >>> plus, the teenager who said the supervisor wanted a lot more than coffee. and it's not just happening at starbucks. brian ross shows us the dangers behind the counter. >>> we remember we are the world. it's being remade. this time, to help the victims of the haiti earthquake. ♪ let's start giving >>> and a good friday morning to everyone. and as always, have so much to get to, including president obama throwing down the gauntlet to the big banks. calling on new limits on their size and power. the president says he never wants to see another i
>>> good morning, america. on this wednesday, january 27th p i'm robin roberts. >> and i'm george stephanopoulos. >>> this morning, hitting the brakes. toyota makes a shocking move. suspending all sales of its most popular vehicles after accelerator pedals keep sticking. it began with an abc news investigation. >>> plus, pot 'bama gets ready to deliver the state of the union, as he faces mounting criticism from both sides of the aisle. can tonight's speech turn things around? >>> the real deal on fake perfumes. who would wear antifreeze on their skin? it may be you. the surprising hazardous ingredients in some scents you think are again win. they may be counterfeit. >>> and the basketball shark. the coach that turned the play into the highlight of the week. >>> and we are so glad you could start your morning with us. and a lot to get to, as always. move by about this never been seen before. the world's largest automaker, halting sales of eight of its most popular calls just days after a recall. we'll look a the problem triggers such drastic action. brian ross has been a
. [ applause ] the true engines of job creation here in america are america's business. >> with one in ten americans out of a job and millions struggling to make end meet it's clear folks want results. wendell is traveling with the president in tampa. wendell, hello? >> administration officials call the $8 billion seed money for a nationwide investment in high-speed rails. it will eventually launch 13 project, including one that will link the bedroom communities in tampa with the theme parks in orlando, also link los angeles and anaheim, chicago and st. louis and improve amtrak's northeast corridor joining washington, new york and boston. it won't produce jobs fast enough for the president's critics or produce a lot of jobs this year. the president has picked up in tampa where he left off in his state of the union address last night promising to fight for working class americans and added a scolding to the media for picking up on his populous tone. he brought vice president biden so showcase the commitment to rail riding. i made 7900 trips from his home in delaware to washington when a sen
wired and wireless high speed internet networks are connecting small businesses across america - in cities and small towns - to markets around the world. we know that investment in broadband high speed internet can create hundreds of thousands of new american jobs. small businesses are being formed - dreams are being launched - and real jobs are being created. at at&t, we're investing billions to upgrade and build out our wired and wireless networks. now is not the time to stall momentum or to sfle innovation or investment. dreams, and jobs, and the future are at stake. at at&t, the future, are at stake. at at&t, the future, has always been our business. at&t... your world... delivered. >>> here are some stories making headline this is morning. no sanctions for two former justice department attorneys. the two had been accused of professional misconduct. they drafted the legal memos to allow the bush administration to use waterboarding. an internal justice department investigation said the men showed poor judgment but did not violate their professional obligations. >>> the presi
this extra security? >> fighting back against bank of america. a california lawyer says he is fed up with fees and is threatening to sue the bank. >>> a new survey smooes people aren't happy with their jobs. of course, people who can't find employment aren't happy either. but will there be more jobs in 2010? >>> a big unveiling. new technology that could change the way you watch and own movies and television shows. >> "it's the economy" on msnbc. we begin with breaking news. following this out of california. flights are suspended in and out of bakersfield airport after discovery of hazardous material. found in a checked bag. now, tsa employees found some kind of chemical ear at that point reportedly in a sports boughtal that was packed away in luggage. airport officials say it doesn't appear to be terrorism related but they haven't yet identified exactly what that chemical is. two tsa workers have been overcome by fumes. they were treated at the hospital and released. right now police are questioning the owner of that bag. we will bring you more on this story as details come into the
business in america, which we will do. there's an argument there, that's true. i don't think proprietary trading caused the crisis, but there are problems with it. we have not just had the problems of the crisis. we've had problems of individual investors and others not being treated fairly. paul volcker, who is certainly no enemy of wall street, has been the one most concerned about the proprietary trading. and we're talking about saying, if you have a deposit insurance guarantee with the federal government, you shouldn't be using that to help do this proprietary trading. the other thing we say is this, i don't want the banks making their money from this kind of trading and investments. i want them to make their money by loans. to some extent, this is aimed at getting the banks more into the lending business, which frankly they've moved away from too far. >> the other critique of this, i've heard, is that it basically targets mainstream banks, where most americans have an account with bank of america, a citibank, jpmorgan chase, wells fargo. it does not get after the issue of the too bi
have fallen. >> i have never been more hopeful about america's future. >> the president says he knows of many americans are angry, and he pledged to fight. >> despite our hardships, we do not give up. we do not quit. we do not allow fear or division to break our spirit. >> the president admitted that congress is still bickering and that the bank bailout was about as popular as a root canal. >> jobs must be our number one focus in 2010, and that is why i am calling for a new jobs bill tonigh >> backing tax breaks for small businesses and the middle class, the president said a bigger fix or the economy, must include fixing the health-care system,. >> i do not accept second place for the united states of america. >> the president made sure to talk about his wife, still popular in the polls. >> she gets embarrassed. let us find a way to come together and finished the job for the american people. -- and finishe the job. let's did in done. >> the president also called for more bipartisanship -- let's get it done. he talked also about the wars in iraq and afghanistan. he says he believes the
, "that's all right. this is a free market society. america's all about free markets. what's wrong with that? that is a basic american value." >> the marketplace of ideas doesn't give any one, any corporation or any individual the constitutional right to buy an election. i mean, the first amendment is an important part of our constitution, but so is the idea that this is a democracy. this is... no matter this is a society based on the idea of one person, one vote. and our elections should not be marketplaces. they should be about voters. they should be about helping the electorate make an informed decision. and the electorate is not going to be able to make an informed decision if all they can see on the air, if all they can, you know, hear on the radio are, you know, attack ads funded by hidden corporate agendas. >> i would say that it's... we're a society of freedom and markets. and political freedom is so important. political freedom means the freedom to speak and say what you as an individual citizen believe, the freedom to vote. and it means having some power in your society.
high-speed trains really succeed in america? >>> it is a political battle unlike any other. the fight over the toothbrush. that's right. massachusetts is the first state to require all children who eat a meal at a daycare or attend for more than four hours to brush their teeth during the class. some parents and care givers are praising the new regulation, but some are saying, not so fast. it's too much government intervention. joining me live here in studio, dr. susan taylor, board certified in both dermatology and internal medicine. good morning to you, doctor. i know you understand the concerns here but with these parents saying too much government, literally hands in my children's mouths, what's your opinion? >> first of all, it is estimated that 25% of kindergarteners in massachusetts have tooth decay. and that's going to lead of course to pain and infection. but, the real issue is that there are more serious medical issues that can develop with gum disease. what you might not realize, cardiovascular disease, strokes, diabetes, there is an even association between gum disease and
everybody. god bless the united states of america. thank you, everybody. (applause) >> woodruff: now, more on the president's appearance before house republicans-- someone who was there for it all, texas representative jeb hensarling. congressman hensarling, thanks for being with us and for standing out in the cold. what did you take away from this unusual session? >> well, you're right, judy, it was an unusual session. listen, the president deserves great credit for accepting our invitation. i'm glad that he did it. i'm hoping something good will come out of it. we've never seen any kind of outreach from speaker pelosi to attempt to work on a bipartisan basis. i hope we see one out of the president. there are some areas maybe we can work on. but i got to tell you, the american people want accountability in government. and regardless of whether you are a republican or democrat today i think was at least a chapter in accountability. i mean things like the louisiana purchase and the cornhusker kickback, people want to see some accountability. they saw it today. >> woodruff: you asked him a q
. a bomb and temperatures on thursday but a sond wiry weathen friday. go back to sleep america. the oil crisis is over. i don't think so. our economy is bleeding billions for foreign oil... importing nearly 70% - much of it from countries that don't like us. that's billions we should use to create american jobs. we have plenty of american natural gas, to power our trucks and bus fleets. it's cheaper, clear, abundant, and it's ours. we've had our wake up call. it's time to act. mecca school's 5th grade didn't come from the wealthiest families. they didn't have the latest laptops. or know how a bank account worked. but they do have teacher chauncey veatch, who uses a financial literacy program made possible by visa. visa works with parents and teachers to bring these programs to millions around the world. this is mecca school. this is progress. visa. currency of progress. and in hard times, sometimes, a belief in a dam, a belief in what is possible - can transform everything. at at&t, we've never forgotten that our company began in a small laboratory, with a dream and a belief, in the fut
. 2005, they actually recalled more cars in america than they sold. and they just expanded very quickly. they made it a goal to overtake general motors as the number one car company in the world and they've done it, but they're paying the price. >> quality, not quantity. >> exactly. >> thank you so much. erica, over to you. >>> some good news on the economy coming this week. it grew at a vigorous 5.7% at the end of last year but before you break out the bubbly we should tell you this rebound was driven by businesses drawing down their inventory at a slower rate not by consumer spending. and as many of you probably know firsthand, unemployment remains high. still at 10%. cbs news correspondent anthony mason has more. >> reporter: the battered private sector showed signs of life as the u.s. economy racked up its best quarter in six years, while government spending flattened out, housing construction was up 5.7%. consumer spending just 2%. and business investment and technology surged more than 13%. >> that's the only way economic growth is going to be sustained i
in america. yes, we speak car. and apparently, quite well. fusion is now motor trend's 2010 car of the year. get in... and drive one. >>> families of fallen u.s. service members will now have a place to go and their grieving process. the center for families of the fallen was dedicated at gilbert air force base today. the center will provide counseling for those families before and after the bodies of their loved ones iraq. >> lockheed martin plans to cut jobs. they're based in bethesda. there is no word on where the layoffs will come from. >> at least six deaths are associated with the winter weather. florida farmers are worried about huge losses in tomato, strawberry, and citrus crops. in the carolinas, the freezing rain froze this fountain. >> if the orange is covered down and florida, it is insulated and it will not get below freezing. >> a little mitten for the orange. >> ptty much. >> we sell, there was no rigid way south, -- way south, there was no yesterday. >>> 30 degrees in bethesda. the winds are a bit lighter right now. a lht breeze out in clarke county. 33 in prince frederick co
, expire friday and bank of america and i think that this -- you know, it is a good time to be in the banking business. aside from all of the noise. i really think it is noise. crescendo of bad news and bonuses and all of that. i think that noise at the end of the day, earnings. we will see what they can earn. that will drive the stocks. >> commentary of analysts the commission hearings weren't like a witch-hunt, language being used is sort of civilized. held up nicely. that implies banks today on the back of the outcome of the commission hearings. and that implies that was an overhang going into the hearings. >> i think it was. inquiry -- commission was actually one of the better things for the financials. momentum has been down now. kind of like the bengals/jets game last week. everyone expected the bengals to come out and scored a touchdown. you know what, the jets hung in there ask won the game. same thing happened today. the commission in the begin looked like they were winning and the -- wall street gang hung in there. very well. i thought. and the market recognized
that has lost jobs faster than anywhere else in america. the unemployment rate went from 4.7% to 15.3%. in fact, local tv stations have started running public service announcements that tell people where to find food banks... even as the food banks don't have enough to meet the demand. as we speak, similar scenes are playing out in cities and towns across america. >> julie: stories topping the news this hour, live pictures of the nation's capitol, what a white mess, a massive storm dumping heavy snow. forecasters say they could get half a foot of snow. president obama focusing on reducing budget deficits. he is praising pay as you go rules adopted by congress. he also promoted bipartisan saying that he won't accept opposition for opposition's sake. >> in pakistan the death toll is rising during a homicide bombing. at least 25 people are dead. latest attack comes after three days of fighting between security forces and militants in the area that killed dozens of insurgents. >> gregg: patience is building in haiti as earthquake survivors wait for food. police are patrolling tried to d
is always there because we need them they need us and we need you. [male announcer] this is how america supports our troops. the uso depends on the generosity of the american people, people just like you. to find out more about how you can help visit our website at uso dot org. the uso until every one comes home. >>> racial remarks. the senate's top democrat apologizes again. >> i could have used a better choice of words. >> now for first time, the president weighs in. >>> in the crossfire. abc's reporter pinned down by sniper fire with american troops who call this their day job. >>> and coming clean. a tearful mark mcgwire admits he used steroids. >> i apologize to everybody in major league baseball. today was the hardest day of my life. >> baseball fans react on this tuesday, january 12th, 2010. >>> for years there had been whispers about mark mcgwire, but the retire slugger finally coming clean. >> we've heard so many "i'm sorrys" from him, but that didn't help the home run. >> there are those who will take exception to that. i'm eric horng sitting in for jeremy hubbard. >> i'm vini
in america, the ca y camry. toyota is saying it does not yet know how to fix the problem of its runaway cars. toyota dealers were told to suspend sales of eight different models because the company says the guess pedals may stick and the cars run out of control. the models include the camry, corolla, matrix, avenalon, tund, highlander and sequoia. cars remain on the road, leaving some of their owners very worried. >> i used to have toyotas, never had this problem car. >> reporter: today's action follows reports of 2,000 accidents and at least 20 deaths linked to runaway toyotas. most dramatic, what happened to mark saylor, driving a 2009 lexus with three members of his family when the car sped out of control. this is what it looks like going 50 miles an hour on that highway. this is what it looks like double, to the approximate mat 100 miles an hour, the speed saylor reached. >> our accelerator's stuck. we're in trouble. there's no brakes. >> reporter: his brother-in-law called 911 from the backseat. >> you don't have the ability to, like, turn the vehicle off or anything? >> we're approachi
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